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CC.NET LIVE - Mobley
For the fourth straight year, Dave Cebrero ( knocks out a " Live" graphic, done in the style of the NBA Live game, which comes out today. AMAZING work.

For the fourth straight year, Dave Cebrero ( knocks out a " Live" graphic, done in the style of the NBA Live game, which comes out today. AMAZING work.

Fast Eddie
Dave Cebrero ( comes through again with a beautiful design of a wallpaper dedicated to Eddie Griffin.

Yao Ming: #1 Pick
Every time I think he can't top himself, he does. Dave Cebrero designs this amazing wallpaper graphic in commemoration of Yao Ming being the top pick of the Rockets.

Dave Cebrero ( returns, doing this beautiful blue wallpaper graphic of Rocket rookie Eddie Griffin. 2002
Major props to Dave Cebrero for doing his third annual wallpaper design in NBA Live style - a gorgeous custom design

ElectroSteve 2.0
Dave Cebrero returns, unloading this sweet collage of Steve Francis in electric blue shades

When Dreams Become Nightmares
Dave Cebrero busts on to the scene again with this vintage wallpaper of the Dream rejecting his Airness

Man. Myth. Legend.
Ray Caywood designed and submitted this sharp wallpaper collage of Hakeem the Dream 2001
Done in the style of NBA Live 2001, Dave Cebrero designs this awesome wallpaper of Cuttino Mobley

Colorful Moochie
Dave Cebrero sends in another classic -- a groovy and colorful Moochie Norris collage

Burn Baby, Burn
Ray Caywood sent in this sweet wallpaper graphic of Steve Francis.

Rockets Red Glare
Dave Cebrero unleashes this gorgeous wallpaper graphic of Steve Francis

Drexler Tribute
Rocket fan Dan designed this beautiful tribute graphic to Clyde Drexler

"Stay Humble, Stay Hungry"
Dave Cebrero, in honor of Hakeem's inspiring performance against the Knicks, designs this tribute wallpaper to the Dream

Dave Cebrero sent in this gorgeous wallpaper graphic of Steve Francis in electric fashion

More Francis
Rocket fan Dan sent in this sharp Francis graphic in red and blue tone

The Wiz
Don't know if the Wiz is Walt Williams or graphics guru Dave Cebrero -- this wallpaper is so crazy cool its insane

Cuttino Collage
Graphics genius Dave Cebrero sends in this collage of Cuttino Mobley

Francis Collage
Dan sends in another wallpaper graphic of Rocket point guard Steve Francis

Francis on logo
Sent in to us by Rocket fan Dan, this wallpaper graphic has Steve Francis with the logo blown up in the background

Dave Cebrero is back in the saddle, designing this tribute wallpaper to the Greatest Rocket of All-Time: Hakeem Olajuwon

No One Gets Out Alive
Dave Cebrero helps out the Save Our Rockets! movement with this eye candy wallpaper of Cuttino Mobley in front of the Houston skyline

Rookie of the Year
Dave Cebrero, the HGG, designs this sweet wallpaper graphic of Steve Francis honoring his Rookie of the Year Award

Loud. Proud. Original.
The Houston Graphics God, Dave Cebrero, at it again: Gorgeous original artwork of Steve Francis in front of's logo and slogan

The Franchise
Dave Cebrero designs this gorgeous wallpaper graphic of Steve Francis from above the court -- must see!

The Pocket Rocket
Dave Cebrero feels the Retro groove, designing this wallpaper graphic of the "Pocket Rocket", Calvin Murphy

The Time is Now
A championship picture with a clear message ... designed by Clutch for

Highlight Reel
Dave Cebrero blends three Steve Francis photos into one sweet-looking highlight reel shot

Virtual Steve
Dave Cebrero did this wallpaper graphic for all the NBA Live fans in the house... only he designed it with the NET's URL

Fade-In Hakeem
William Wood designed and sent in this wallpaper graphic that features a faded profile of Hakeem with the URL in the foreground.

Charles Barkley
Dave Cebrero designs a wallpaper dedicated to Sir Charles Barkley.

Cuttino Mobley
Done in the style series of the previous Steve Francis wallpaper graphic, Dave Cebrero designs one of Cuttino Mobley.

Steve Francis
Yet another gorgeous Desktop Wallpaper graphic designed by Dave Cebrero and dedicated to Rocket rookie Steve Francis.

Rocket Booster
Designed by Dave Cebrero, another awesome Desktop wallpaper featuring Steve Francis with a few high-wire dunks.

This is...
Charles Barkley. Try not to piss him off. Back by request, the simple yet bold wallpaper graphic highlighting the Chuckster designed by Clutch.