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Houston Rocket web sites coming together in one place...

Welcome to the home of the Houston Rockets Web Ring!

We've been surfing around and noticing that such teams as the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons were being represented in web rings, but the greatest team on the planet was not.

How odd.

So we decided to do something about it. We know the Rockets have plenty of "rings", but we decided to form one on the web. Rocket fan sites unite! By joining the Rockets Web Ring, we all band together and encourage fans to visit other Rocket sites. In turn, every Rocket site gets more exposure and every Rocket fan gets to see the fan pages on the Net. By clicking on the Rocket Web Ring banner, a fan will be taken to a completely random fan site in the ring.

So what do you need to join the ring? Well, a Rockets page. Nothing else. It has to be related somewhat to our boys in midnight blue or it won't even be considered in the ring.

Everything will be explained to you when you submit your site, and just follow the directions step by step.

| Submit Site | Random Site | List Sites | Edit Member Site |

You will be given the HTML code you need to copy and paste into your site once you submit your page. You must do it exactly as it is given to you or Mario Elie will come to your house from San Antonio mind you and kick your ass something fierce.

It's out of my hands. Mario is very sensitive about these things. I've seen him do it for less.

Click here to surf the Rockets Ring!
A "clutch" member of the Rockets Web Ring