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Eddie and Terence meet the Houston media
SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2001   11:01 AM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2001
Eddie and Terence meet the Houston media
Ahh, feels good to have caught up on some z-z-z's since that crazy draft night. The Rockets introduced both Eddie Griffin and Terence Morris to the media Friday at WestSide. Both players were given their uniforms, with Morris requesting #44 and Griffin #41 (he was #33 in college, but requested #41 in honor of his brother, Marvin Powell, who wore that jersey number and passed away in March). Griffin drew heavy praise from the club. "Eddie may be young, but he has mature stats," said Carroll Dawson. "17.8 points as a freshman, 10.8 rebounds, 4.5 blocked shots. It's kind of mind-boggling when you look at that. He did most of that at 18 years old." Added Rudy Tomjanovich, "Our staff did a poll if we had the No. 1 pick and the guy that came out on top was Eddie Griffin. It is just amazing. The reaction from our players was that it was a miracle." Griffin said he takes pride in his defense and rebounding, is thrilled to play with Cuttino Mobley and Steve Francis and felt he would fit in extremely well in Houston. As for Morris, Rudy T reiterated that he is someone the Rockets' staff has had their eyes on for a few years now, and was well worth giving up a first rounder for. Morris was thrilled to be in Houston, playing with college buddy and teammate Francis. "[Steve and I] talked after the draft and we're pretty happy about it," said Morris, the 6'9" forward out of Maryland selected with the 34th pick. "We're just looking forward to playing with each other again and getting out there on the court."