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Final thoughts before the draft
Some final comments just hours away from the NBA Draft...
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2006   3:21 PM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2006
Final thoughts before the draft
Is this the most confusing NBA Draft ever? Maybe not, but certainly the strangest I've covered in the 10 years of ClutchFans.

What do we know for sure? Very little. It looks like Andrea Bargnani is now likely to go #1, but it's not certain by any stretch, and the draft is 3 hours away. Both Chicago and Charlotte are very tough calls as a result.

The Rockets? They may be trying to trade up, but the vibe is they don't have anything right now. The Celtics, holding the #7 pick, are looking at trading the selection, and that could sting the Rockets. Where Boston has needs, possibly a point guard (Randy Foye, Marcus Williams or Rajon Rondo), some of the teams they are talking with (Portland and Philly for example) are more likely to take the best player available.

My current top 5 for the Rockets is found on the NBA Draft page, but I'd be ecstatic if they somehow got Rudy Gay. I think with his length/wingspan and sick athleticism, he could have an immediate impact defensively and has a high ceiling for the future. Remember: Though he says he is fine, Tracy McGrady's back is still a concern, so I believe it would be a disservice to the franchise to select anything but the best player available.

A close #1b for me would be Brandon Roy -- he could play right away and fills our biggest immediate need.

I would also be happy with Ronnie Brewer Houston Rockets'>Ronnie Brewer, Shelden Williams or even Randy Foye, if we remain at #8. I think that's too early for J.J. Redick, but Rodney Carney and/or Redick in a trade-down would get my interest. I do think Shelden and Foye could both go before us, and that will make it very interesting since one of the widely considered top 6 (Bargnani, Roy, Gay, Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas and LaMarcus Aldridge) will be available at our selection.

This is an extremely important draft for this franchise. A homerun pick here could really catapult this team, so they need to get this one right. An Eddie Griffin redux would really set this organization back.

In the end, I think, amongst all this confusion and smoke, that the only thing I can guarantee is that when this is all over, Carroll Dawson, and for that matter every other NBA GM not named Colangelo, will say something along these lines:

"We couldn't believe [guy we picked] dropped to us. We tried to trade up to get [guy we picked], and [guy we picked] fell right to us. We had [guy we picked] #1 on our board."

Going to be fun. See you in the chat room tonight ...

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