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Nachbar Just Thrilled to Be In Houston
Bostjan Nachbar meets Houston media at Westside; check out video clips which show "Boki" is an aggressive player with flare, attitude and uncanny ability to attack the rim
THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2002   11:12 PM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2002
Nachbar Just Thrilled to Be In Houston
I barely slept a lick on draft night (yes, it was worth it) and to make matters worse, I had to work extremely late hours Thursday. And if that isn't the kicker, I come to find out Bostjan Nachbar's nickname is "Boki".


A Yao, a Boki and a Tito. Sorry, that is the "All Name Draft".

The Rockets introduced their Boki-man to the Houston media Thursday, and boy is this kid thrilled to be with the Rockets. After he worked out for the team last Sunday, he actually wrote Rudy Tomjanovich and Carroll Dawson a letter thanking them for the workout.

"I didn't really want to ask them to please take me," Nachbar said. "I just wanted to say I had a nice time and wanted them to know if I had a chance to pick a team for myself, it would be Houston."

"A year ago I was watching these guys on television," said Nachbar, who will wear jersey number 9 for the Rockets. "And now I'm sitting next to coach Rudy Tomjanovich and Mr. Dawson."

We know Nachbar can shoot, but Rudy T raves about his ability to attack the basket.

"In that scrimmage [in Italy], he did a lot of things but the thing that impressed me was he had about 10 dunks in the scrimmage," Tomjanovich said. "That was mind-boggling. We had Hakeem, Barkley and Drexler and you didn't see that many close to the basket shots. Some of the plays, you'd think, 'Nah, he can't get to the basket.' Then, somehow, he made it happen."

Below are clips of Nachbar playing with his Italian league team Benetton Treviso. All of these clips are found on Benetton's official site. I recommend checking them all out as Nachbar shows a great shooting touch, but even more astoundingly, he shows an intensity and drive that perhaps many didn't know he had.

This is a pick with a lot of potential.

Nachbar Video Highlights

Benetton Treviso vs. Skipper Bologna, March 8, 2002
This clip is a series of highlights for both teams from the game. Nachbar is #12 in the white. Early on he throws down a nice jam over two defenders (they shot it in slow-mo from another angle as well. About 40% of the way through the clip: He drives straight to the rack, misses, gets the offensive board and puts it back in strong. 60-70% through: Oh man, Nachbar flies in baseline on a fast break, takes the feed, throws down a two-handed dunk and gets the foul.

Benetton Treviso vs. SerieA, Muller Verona, March 5, 2002
First two highlights are of Nachbar. He hits a triple, then posts up his man and make a nice running left-hander in the lane. Nickoloz Tskitishvilli, who was the 5th pick of the draft Wednesday, hits the three-pointer as the final highlight of this clip.

Benetton Treviso va. Skipper Bologna, January 3, 2002
Nachbar is #12 in the green. About halfway through this clip, Nachbar takes the feed on the baseline wing and drives baseline for the layin. Final play of the clip, Nachbar gets the loose ball and goes uncontested for the slam. You can see the excitement and attitude as his sprints back up the floor with the crowd going crazy and does a flying chest bump with a teammate.

Benetton Treviso va. Kinder, December 1, 2001
To start the clip off, after a teammate miss, the opponent runs the fast break and Nachbar comes flying down the court for the block. About 25% through: Nachbar gets a feed, puts on a move baseline and goes to the hole for the slam. They show it twice (second in slow-mo). 40% of the way through: Nachbar takes the feed on the fast break, throws down a slam and about near breaks in to a fight witht he guy who bumps him. The ref comes in to push Nachbar out of there. The guy doesn't back down! It's impressive enough for them to show it three times. And the doozie - the final play of the clip: Nachbar squares up for the game-deciding three. The crowd goes nuts and Nachbar pumps his fists against his chest.

Benetton Treviso vs. Slask Wroclaw, November 16, 2001
At the roughly 25% mark, Nachbar goes stright to the rack through traffic and puts down the left-handed layin. At the roughly 60% mark, Nachbar drains a triple.