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Welcome to Mock Draft Madness!

Here's how it works:
We lay out the NBA Draft lottery teams 1 through 14 and you pick the players you think those teams will select. You may update your mock draft any time up until the day of the draft (Wednesday, June 28th), and when it's all said and done, we'll announce who had the top mock.

Grading System:
Forget this "close" stuff. To get points in our book you got to nail the pick. Each pick is worth 2 points, with the exception of a few picks we call "hot numbers", which are worth 5 points. Listen close because the hot numbers changed this year. The hot numbers are pick numbers 3, 5, 9 and 13.

Then there's the Money Ball. The "Money Ball" at ClutchFans is the Rockets pick at number 8. Get that selection right and you get 8 points.

How do you handle trades?
When trades occur before the day of the draft we will notify everyone immediately and they may make any changes to their mock draft accordingly. If trades occur the day of the draft, the scores are still based on the number you picked that player, not the team. For example, by picking Adam Morrison #3 to the Bobcats, you're picking Morrison to go third overall. If the Bobcats trade down to #5 and take Morrison there, no points are rewarded.

What can I win?
Karma - pure karma. After a four-year hiatus, the chance to become the ClutchFans "NBA Draft God" and own 365 days of respect, prestige and pure bragging rights.

So Lets Rock!
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