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Could Langhi Surprise?

Could Langhi Surprise?
Some in the Clutch BBS have gotten upset over Dan Langhi comparisons to Matt Bullard, citing he can do more things than Bullard

This just in... It wasn't a joke: Collier, Langhi really were taken by the Rockets. One full day has gone by since the draft and some have started to warm up to the Rockets thinking, though currently in the poll 79% have given the Rockets a C or worse for Draft night. One person who believes in the picks is Jeff Balke, who writes taking the two was for the team's chemistry and future. Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle wrote Friday morning on the press conference introducing Collier and Langhi and said the two players are hoping to give the Rockets and their fans reasons to believe in them. Said Collier, "I think they're getting an early Christmas present, and I plan on working very hard to give it to them. I'm biased. Only time will tell whether or not they got a bargain. If I go out there and do really well, I guess they got a big-time bargain."

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