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Said Chance McClain:
With Moochie Norris' contract status still up in the air I wanted to show Moochie that he has the support of at least one fan. I conceived "What's on your Head?" last year around the time I recorded "Air Bull". It seemed as though Moochie had a different hairstyle every game and the fans at Compaq (or is it HP?) fell in love with the guy both for his basketball skills and his unique persona. I wrote the lyrics and along with my associate, Kevin Ryan, put it to The Cranberries' song "Zombie". It's a fun song and I hope everybody enjoys it. Kevin and I are currently working on songs for several other Rockets players as well as Rudy-T, Turbo, and Calvin Murphy. If you have questions or comments I can be reached at

"Moochie Norris, What's On Your Head?"
Sampled by Chance McClain