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Mock Draft Picante - 4.0
By: TeXaSalsa
MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2001

1) Washington Wizards - Kwame Brown
I'm thinking now this is the likely pick. If no deal is made pre-draft, he is the best trade bait because of his ridiculous upside. The Wizards need a PF if they keep him. (This could be Golden State's pick)
2) Los Angeles Clippers - Eddy Curry
I still think this is their man. Curry is friends with Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson. I still feel like Miles/Odom are the starting forwards and they need a center. This looks like a good fit unless some team gets him at #1.
3) Atlanta Hawks - Eddie Griffin
Griffin will fit in extremely well and along with Theo Ratliff, that frontline will be blocking shots every possession. They ultimately pass on Battier because they have SFs while Griffin can play both the 3 and the 4.
4) Chicago Bulls - Shane Battier
Krause wants him so bad he can "taste it", though they could trade this pick to Boston or Houston with the Celtics taking Gasol and my hunch is the Rockets would take White. Though it's speculation, a trade, if it happens, would probably be along the lines of #13, #18, Kelvin Cato, Kenny Thomas, squash the Bryce Drew pick obligation, and a future 1st or 2nd rounder for the #4 and probably Brad Miller.
5) Golden State Warriors - Rodney White
This could be Washington's pick. Jordan is enamored with White and he will be a terrific player I think. Versatile enough to play either forward position and has very mature skills. This would be a great addition for the Warriors if they just flat out keep him.
6) Vancouver Grizzlies - Jason Richardson
Richardson is the 2 guard the Grizz need, want and covet - they have wanted him since Day One. I can't see them passing on him.
7) New Jersey Nets - Tyson Chandler
Chandler is a very risky and a very iffy pick, but the Nets do need a SF and a center. Chandler has alot of talent and is versatile.
8) Cleveland Cavaliers - Pau Gasol
Gasol is a great foreign talent. Cleveland loves foreign players and good shooters -- too bad they will have to wait a year by selecting him outside of the top 6.
9) Detroit Pistons - Joe Johnson
Versatile backcourt star will help or replace Jerry Stackhouse. I think for now they will wait on a big man but they could choose Diop, Woods, etc. If they trade down to Houston at #13 bet on them picking Haywood or the best big man available.
10) Boston Celtics - De Sagana Diop
A big man the Celtics are fascinated with. Diop is huge, and while a project, he already brings good defense, rebounding and immense size to the table.
11) Boston Celtics - Kedrick Brown
I keep hearing gurantees that the JUCO product goes here. Brown does seem very talented and could help the Celtics out at the 2/3.
12) Seattle Sonics - Troy Murphy
There's a chance the Celtics could take Murphy over Diop, dropping the big man here. Murphy is a solid player who could slide to them to replace Vin Baker. The Notre Dame product rebounds, hustles, and plays hard -- also has a nice shot to boot.
13) Houston Rockets - Vladamir Radmanovic
Radmanovic is a risky but probably worthwhile pick. He will play some PF and SF. Very good shooter, passer and is athletic. A good fit for the Rockets.
14) Golden State Warriors - Jamaal Tinsley
The Warriors thank the heavens he falls here. Could be a perfect fit as they need a good passing/unselfish PG, though they could go for Omar Cook since Golden State loves guards that can't shoot.
15) Orlando Magic - Loren Woods
Woods is a more polished player than Hunter at this point and also has more size. His back is a concern, but the Arizona center is an athletic big man that can run with Tracy McGrady.
16) Charlotte Hornets - Richard Jefferson
Jefferson is a good SF/SG defensive stopper. An amazing athlete who will be a good replacement for Eddie Robinson is he leaves via free agency.
17) Toronto Raptors - Zach Randolph
Antonio Davis is leaving in a hurry and while Randolph won't step in right away, he's a very good replacement for the future.
18) Houston Rockets - Steven Hunter
Another rising player. Hunter has good upside, height and athletic skills at the center position. I think this pick is likely traded to trade up, for future picks or for a veteran. I doubt Houston keeps it.
19) Portland Trailblazers - Brendan Haywood
Perfect fit -- a lazy, underachieving player goes to a lazy, underachieving team.
20) Cleveland Cavaliers - Joseph Forte
They get another solid player who can score. The Cavs like nice people from solid programs and Forte fits the bill. Now they can run Gasol at the 3, Forte at the 2, and Andre Miller at the 1. Perhaps now they won't go on one of those nasty '28 losses in 32 games' streaks.
21) Boston Celtics - Omar Cook
Boston finally lands a nice PG. Cook and Antoine Walker can take shooting practice together. Good ball handling, passing and leadership skills -- basically everything Kenny Anderson lacks.
22) Orlando Magic - Michael Bradley
Bradley is a sweet shooting big man that will compliment and help the front line immensely with his offensive skills. Pick and roll with McGrady has possibilities.
23) Houston Rockets - Terence Morris
A pick for Steve Francis. I believe Shandon Anderson will leaveand Walt Williams, if not traded, is going to be on the bench next year. This is a good fit for Houston and a terrific situation for Morris. Pick also could be traded.
24) Utah Jazz - Jeryl Sasser
Utah is very impressed with Sasser. He's a hard worker, has good size, is versatile and a playmaker. He's also a senior and a Utah type player.
25) Sacramento Kings - Gilbert Arenas
Arenas is a very talented prospect who can score in bunches. Would possibly make for a terrific future replacement for Doug Christie.
26) Philadelphia 76ers - Trenton Hassell
A match made in heaven. Hassell is a big 2 guard who is athletic and can shoot. Would make for a good backup to Allen Iverson and open up more 3-guard lineup possiblities. Solid pick for Philly.
27) Vancouver Grizzlies - Kirk Haston
Haston is a nice shooting big man that will help the frontline tremendously. Big men in Vancouver hardly ever have shots. Haston will help and actually make a decent impact.
28) San Antonio Spurs - Gerald Wallace
The Spurs take this high flyer because they need an eventual three and are also looking to get much more athletic. Possible Kobe stopper? Wallace gives them opportunities in the running game and should develop nicely in San Antonio.

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