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Gilbert Arenas on the Rockets?
The Rockets are blessed with a young and dangerous guard core of Cuttino Mobley and Steve Francis, while Shandon Anderson's future with the team is suspect. Though Arenas would be another explosive guard in the Rockets' arsenal, it's highly unlikely Houston will think backcourt in this draft.
Shane Battier on the Rockets?
The Rockets are targeting a small forward in this draft, and it's very possible Shane Battier is tops on the list. Playing alongside Francis and Mobley, Battier would be an excellent fit for a Rockets team looking for hustle, savvy, defense and intangibles out of the three spot.
Michael Bradley on the Rockets?
Bradley's high percentage shooting and rebounding skills would fit in well on a Rudy T squad that is desperate for size in the paint, but the need for a small forward could take precedence if Bradley is still on the board for the Rockets' first pick.
Kwame Brown on the Rockets?
Kidding, right? Kwame Brown would be a highly, highly, highly endorsed pick here at He won't come in and dominate right away, but he has the potential to be an All-Star in 3-4 years. Big and versatile enough to play 3 positions, and all three (SF, PF, C) are needs of the Rockets. Kwame Brown in pinstriped jammies next to Cuttino and Steve? Oh yes. Now if only the Rockets could get high enough to take him.
Tyson Chandler on the Rockets?
During his famous "60 Minutes" episode, Chandler was wearing a Maurice Taylor Michigan jersey and shorts, so perhaps he has Houston on the brain (actually the Lakers and Clippers are his favorite teams). Chandler is a mystery right now, but at 7'1" with a nice shot and quickness, he could be a future payoff pick if the Rockets are high enough to select him.
Ousmane Cisse on the Rockets?
You know it's hard to judge high school players, when 17 blocks could translate to 2 tops in the pros, but by all accounts Ousmane Cisse is a phenomenal athlete with a strength and intensity unmatched. The Rockets like to run, and so does Ousmane. Still raw and a project out of high school, but would he look good on the Rockets' front line? Could be a risk worth taking.
Eddy Curry on the Rockets?
The Rockets lack any kind of punch in the paint. Curry has punch and then some. Kelvin Cato has been an enigma and a disappointment and a potential force at center like Curry would be a god send to the Rockets. However, when we woke up, it was clear that Curry would be long gone in this draft before the Rockets make a selection.
Sagana Diop on the Rockets?
Kelvin Cato isn't a serviceable 5, and he's not a 4, 3, 2 or 1 either -- he's a zero. Thus a center for the future could still be on the minds of the Rockets' brass. In today's Shaq-dominated post, there are premiums on behemoths like Diop. Will Houston get high enough to select him? Not likely.
Joseph Forte on the Rockets?
Forte is a talent, and was a sure bet to be a lottery pick at mid-season, but his crumbling down the stretch has scared some teams. Like Cuttino Mobley, is very confident in his abilities and isn't afraid to shoot himself out of a slump. That could make him a good selection with a later pick in the first round if the Rockets, anticipating a possible Shandon Anderson departure, want to shore up depth in the backcourt.
Pau Gasol on the Rockets?
It doesn't take a genius to see how well a pick like Dirk Nowitzki panned out for the Mavericks, so Gasol could be a risk worth taking. It also doesn't take much for Rocket fans to remember Mirsad Turkcan. Still, even with the risk and the possibility he won't be able to play until 2002, at over 7-feet tall and the ability to play out on the wing, Gasol is a guy I wouldn't mind seeing Houston take a chance on.
Eddie Griffin on the Rockets?
If you're a Rocket fan turning down a chance to get a prospect like Eddie Griffin, you're either crazy or you're Maurice Taylor. Griffin can play the 3 and 4 and is simply masterful on the boards and returning shots to sender. Though the Rockets won't get high enough to get him, he would instantly become a large part of the foundation of the franchise along with Steve Francis. Lone problem being his character questions since the Rockets pride themselves on their terrific chemistry.
Brendan Haywood on the Rockets?
If the Rockets move Kelvin Cato, they will probably be looking for a center in this draft with a later pick. Haywood is a possible selection, though Rockets fans would find many of the problems that plagued Cato (motivation, limited offensive game) also haunt Haywood. The scary thing? One of the athletes he admires is Serge Zwikker. No joke.
Richard Jefferson on the Rockets?
This is the one guy that has been consistently mentioned when discussing Rockets draft prospects. He has all the qualities the Rockets covet in a small forward. Jefferson is tough, a fast learner and has serious skills on the defensive end even if you totally ignore his flashy offensive abilities and how could you? The Rockets are always surprising us come draft time, but Jefferson may be hard for them to pass on if he is available at 13.
Joe Johnson on the Rockets?
No question Johnson will get a look from the Rockets if he is still available when they pick. He has the size, skills and shooting touch to be a serious player. He fits the small forward bill for the Rocks perfectly. Johnson would make an excellent compliment to Francis and Mobley. In particular, his ball handling skills could free them up offensively and those three running the floor has Sportscenter written all over it. Keep an eye on this one.
Ken Johnson on the Rockets?
This is the type of guy I'm sure many Rockets fans would love to see on the team. He has hustle and intensity and knows how to block shots and rebound. He may be a luxury, however. The Rockets are more likely to opt for offensive threats and Johnson may not even be worth their last pick in the draft considering he could drop right to the bottom of the first round.
Terence Morris on the Rockets?
Morris makes an interesting choice if you are Rudy T. He played with Steve Francis at Maryland and we can only assume Francis would love to be re-united with Morris. He does posess all the athletic tools and height for the type of small forward the Rockets need. On the other hand, how much is he worth? If Morris slides down to the Rockets last pick in the first round as many project he will, it wouldn't be a stretch to see him in pinstripes. It also would be no surprise to see him fall even further.
Troy Murphy on the Rockets?
It is doubtful that the Rockets would take a guy like Murphy early in the draft. A slow perimeter big man is what they have in Jason Collier. Murphy would probably be an upgrade from Collier but neither is likely to make a significant impact. Chances are that the Rockets will pass on Murphy.
Vladimir Radmanovic on the Rockets?
Though Radmanovic would have to be bought out of his contract (at a cost of $300,000), the Rockets are in the market for a small forward and came away from Radmanovic's workout very impressed. His stock is climbing, but barring a trade, he is a good candidate for the Rockets at a pick like #18 or maybe even #13. His athleticism and shooting ability could make him a good fit alongside the young, run and gun Rockets.
Zach Randolph on the Rockets?
Deciding on a player like Randolph has a lot to do with how the Rockets plan to address the power forward spot in free agency. Obviously, if Mo Taylor returns or Chris Webber signs in Houston, a player like Randolph wouldn't have a place here. Chances are he'll be gone when the Rockets pick and that's just as well since they seem to have their sights set elsewhere.
Jason Richardson on the Rockets?
Richardson doesn't really fill a need for the Rockets who have Mobley at his spot, but he would be tempting to any coach or GM looking for athleticism. He could slide to the small forward spot, but his main gig will be at shooting guard. Even if the Rockets wanted him, they'd need to move up from 13 to get him.
Jamaal Tinsley on the Rockets?
The last thing the Rockets need is a point guard so there is little chance they would take him. Besides, unless the Rockets are able to move up, they won't even get the chance.
Gerald Wallace on the Rockets?
Some have speculated that Wallace could be on the Rockets' draft board if he is available at the bottom of the first round. His unreal athleticism and small forward frame could make for some sick fast breaks with Francis and Mobley. But, Wallace is a project who will need some time and it isn't like Rudy T and Co. to take an underclassman that needs this much work especially one who needs work on his outside shot in the first year of the zone defense. He is exciting, though, and does fit need areas. Don't expect to see the Rockets go after him early however.
Rodney White on the Rockets?
White has the right tools to fit the Rockets. The question is whether or not they would take him as a 'tweener given their overatures towards Chris Webber this summer and whether White will even be available at 13. What makes him interesting is that he has the versatility the Rockets like but, beyond that, he has ties to both of the Rockets backcourt stars. He is from Philadelphia like Cuttino Mobley and finished his high school career in Maryland even playing in the Washington D.C. summer leagues like Steve Francis. Chances are he will be gone by the time the Rockets pick, but they could do a lot worse.
Loren Woods on the Rockets?
Woods is rather enigmatic and has elements of both Kelvin Cato (attitude) and Carlos Rogers (injuries, size). The Rockets are probably not going to look for a center in the draft and Woods is certainly not at the top of their list even though he does have skills and went through a full four years in college, something appreciated by the Rockets. Chances are, the Rockets will stick with who they have rather than add a similar player to their arsenal.