TODAY'S ROOM: #clutchfans
  • Type in your name when prompted for a nickname (no password is required unless you have a registered nick with the IRC server).
  • Once loaded, type your comments in the box and hit ENTER to send.
  • All commands that apply in IRC apply in the Clutch Chat. Such as:
    • /NICK [nickname] to change your nickname.
    • /MSG [user] [personal message] to send whatever personal message to whatever user
    • /JOIN #clutchfans to re-join the room if you get disconnected.
    • or check out the full list of commands.
  • Clutch Chat is Flash-Enabled.

Want to use an IRC client instead?
Clutch Chat is also accessible via any IRC client. Using IRC, simply connect to IRC server (the port is 6667 if your client requires that you specify a port). Then join channel #clutchfans to join Clutch Chat. If you don't have Flash through your browser nor do you have an IRC client, we recommend MIRC. It's user-friendly, very fast and doesn't take up much memory. You can download it here if you need it.